Sunday, November 16, 2008

Staying Alive.

The closet I'll ever get to Andy Samberg happened over the summer when I worked for UCSC's telephone outreach, phoning alumni and schmoozing them into giving the University money. At random the computer system connected to the phone dials alumni ranging from schools inception, to those graduated last year. Samberg is an alumni of Santa Cruz and I fatefully got his parents answering machine, procedure is not to leave a message so I refrained with all my might. I write down the number as if I would sometime in the future casually a call Samberg via his parents.
Among the things I would say on the answering machine today, if I were slightly more deranged and hadn't disposed of the number would go something like this:

Saturday Night Live has steadily declined in quality of the past five years or so, with a turn over in writers and cast. The few skits that have potential, seem to drown on for far too long and get lost in themselves.
Sometimes I find myself defending SNL to my peers as if I were personally invested, although as an avid fan since as far back as I can remember I somewhat am.
Yet, Last nights show with host Paul Rudd actually actually had some considerably funny skits, (most of which could have not have gone on so long, notably the digital short "everyone's a critic, it was funny then what the hell)
Kudos SNL, perhaps things are turning around and on the track track.
Additionally, consider reducing the program to an hour long block, the way it once was instead of the painful hour and a half air time it has now. Let's stress quality over quality yeah?

Justin TImberlake/Beyonce skit

Digital Short: Everyone's a critc

The Kissing Family

Justin Timberlake Weekend Update

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