Sunday, November 16, 2008

808s & Weakshit Auto-Tune

Sorry DK but get outta here with that Weezy-T-Pain-Kanye West 808s&Heatbreak "emo auto-tune rap" bullshittt.
I am not a fan of this auto-tune voice augmented phase, it's the revival of the talk box. I wikied "atuo-tune" and it gave me the "Cher effect"
DK you have good point, saying "I always looked at auto tune as club rap and talk box as like bboy shit"
Given I'm living 93' till infinity and so always a fan of the latter.
I guess each to their own played out weak music preference.

If my computer hadn't crashed then I'd post a piece I wrote on on September 11th, 2007 entitled, "Kanye West is pissing me the fuck off," in which I critique the evolution of West's career leading up to (the disappointing) Graduation

As I previously stated anticipating the release of N.E.R.D.s Seeing Sounds, after hearing 808s&Heatbreak I'll just continue to stick my head in the ground, put College Dropout&most of Late Registration on repeat and pretend the whole thing never happened. Additionally the only redeeming quality of the track "Heartless" is Hype Williams on the video.

So without further ado, I present my brief Ode to the talk box:

Stevie Wonder-Papa Was a Rolling Stone

of course Peter Frampton-Show me the way

Zapp&Roger Computer Love

“The Talkbox Will Never Die” Track Listing via //

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