Friday, November 14, 2008

On that Daily Operation

Blog Slap:
where were you in 1992?
wake up.
you've been sleeping for 16 yrss.

thursday night till' infinity onn reapeaat

Romancing is my thing but I cant swing with no scheming hoes
Wherever my beeeammer goes you know that I'm driiiving
Surviving in the 90s is a must so I trust
That everyone listen up as my vocals give thrust
I bust my rhymes first never chasing a skirt
Do much work while other suckas need more time to rehearse

dl gang starr-daily operation

One of the comments on youtube said, "What the F*** happened to hip hop!!??"
hmmmm makes you wonder

1 comment:

mekishiko916 said...

Nothing happened to hip hop. Some idiots try to use it to get rich quick. But there are tons of respectable artists. It can never faulter.