Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ayo, lemme hollaatcha

To the fine looking Asian dude walking in front of Westfield shopping center outside of American Eagle in San Francisco on 11/11/08 at around 1pm, hands in your front pockets revealing the the tattoo on your right forearm, black beanie half way off your head, crisp ass denim:
Ayo lemme hollaatcha
I'll catch yo eye as I start to spit it, damn they don't make em like you where I reside in santa cruz. You'll wanna roll out to get some dim sum, we both have a craving, and I know you're not interested in mt for my whip appeal cuz I rely solely on public transportation and my legs to get me around. So we bus it, and walk to your spot on the outskirts of china town to get some dim sum, sitting across from each other, we both reach for the last shaomai, i'll get flustered and retreat my arm as our hands meet under the florescent light that hangs above our heads.

The topic will turn to weezy, and based on my disengagement on the topic there will be a brief awkward silence. You look like your favorite de la album is stakes is high I start it off, then we both start to spit the same verse from itzsoweezee, as we're leaving I'll reach in to wipe the haam sui gaau out of the corner of your mouth, you'll grab me by my waist, tell me to leave school and come stay in your studio apartment for month on end, i'll dodge your lips and place my index finger over them, then I'll say it, shhhh, in time we might meet again but I can't stay with you, I didn't mean for you to fall in love like this but it's not meant to be. That will be the last time we see each other.

Blog slap, this one's for you:
De la soul ft. common-the bizness

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YungLyth said...

my sentiments exactly