Sunday, October 26, 2008

To all the people stealing beats, to the crossover rapper with the pleats...

I ask you this question as prosed by my professor:

"What is true to human nature?"

This is madonna's answer circa 1995, I don't know if my answer is as, well black and white and masochistic to say the least:

On a completely unrelated note, Madonna samples Main Source-what you need, and I'm not one to pass up a chance to plug main source, word to Large Professor, or spew what song something is sampled from a la mode, er a la offdahoof, yet more often, rather than juxtaposing samples on a blog, I store all my sophomoric music knowledge in the slightly snobish part of my temporal lobe.

Main Source is not was renowned as other hip-hop acts of the early 90s, but I personally know these east coast MCs posses the power to break atoms with the likes Nas and Akinyele on the track, and also the ability to render me afixxed to my couch with my pajamas still on listening to their album on repeat at 1:18pm on a monday.

What you need 1993:

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