Monday, October 27, 2008

devoted to the arts of moving butts, the rhythms happening and it's moving ummm


listening notes: My labor of love Justin study mix is meant to be played in a low key soft volume to provide a soothing background noise as you sequester yourself in your cave studying for hours on end.

justin 001

Justin, I tired to compile a number of different songs you knew well, knew of, and didn't know at all. I'm skeptical about a few of my selections and tried to pick things for you, not me, but the bottom line is the mix is intended to study to, not to slap along side your all time favorite songs, hence why I left out Billy Joel-Piano Man, and a lot of Etta James, that shit's way tooo hype. Additionally, the version of natural resource-bum deal supposedly mixed by dj premier is all I could find after my computer crashed, annoying mixing at some points but on the whole goodish, and one of the songs on the playlist features a sample from one of my all time favorite songs can you find it?

I'll upload a zip file for those who want the play list and have a computer that actually works right now.

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YungLyth said...

this is really beautiful.
thank you so much.
im listening to it right now while i do math homework.