Monday, December 1, 2008


tiramisuuu 009
my egg white peakss are stiff sonn
tiramisuuu 020
chocolate whippcream
tiramisuuu 023

tiramisuuu 018
kahlua espresso soaked savoiardi
tiramisuuu 027
double boiler chocolate ganache
tiramisuuu 010

tiramisuuu 008


YungLyth said...

my kitchen aid blender > yours

samantha said...

for one it's a mixer, not a 'blender' as you so aptly referred to it as
secondly you don't cook nor bake from scratch so I doubt you have used a kitchen aid
third it was a gift from larry to my mommy when they were dating so it's very sentimental
lastly I bake you shit made with love using that mixer so quit hatin'

samantha said...

pshh. i used it like twice