Monday, December 1, 2008

I do nothing in the day but just be scratchin my nuts

...eatin chicken in the kitchen he ain't no bustin no nut...

"Video Vixens by me and teklestreet check him out! My brain manifested in a 3 somethin minute video. Mtvenus Dunny. I keep it surreal." -Mapei

Mapei- Videovixens
Mapei - Videovixens

Mapei-Date Rape video by artist Sara Gunnarsdotter

Get me on a planeeee I'm off to sweden to see Mapei--with nothing but my mama's fried chicken recipe on a 3x5 note card and some clean drawwwls, I think I'm in love. Shizz on repeatttt

Blog Slap:

My Mapei addiction is reminiscent of my phase roughly a year and a half ago in which I watched the video the Gutter Mixxx video of Lily Allen-Smile non-stop until I was brought to nausea and couldn't stand it anymore, form time to time, I wake up in cold sweats, for the beat of the gutter mixxx and images of the asses in that video
haunt me in my sleep.


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