Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shimmy shimmy ya

Justin criticized my last post under the pretenses that it was old, or as he specifically put it "like ODB old," alas this assertion is true. I premeditated making the post far before I actually did it.
In March I remember laying on my stomach atop my loft bed in college ten, building four, room 4310, downloading gnarls barkley's the odd couple and forming a blog post in my head about the heavy 60s folk feel-reminiscent of the likes of the mamas & the papas and simon & garfunkel, and 70s psychedelic influence that the album contained but never took the volition to actually write about it.
I never took the volition to write about a lot of things actually.

Perhaps this post has surpassed being shimmy shimmy ya "for any em-cee in any fifty two states
I get psycho, killaaa, norman bates"
old and onto creeque alley "no one's getting fat but mama cass" old but at least it's start

Mama Cass Elliot is a beautiful artist, I've always adored her. Following the mamas & the papas Mama Cass branched out into a solo career, her rendition of dream a little dream of meis breathtaking to say the least.

New Blog Slap:
ODB-Brooklyn Zoo

DL ODB-Return to the 36 Chambers

in other news:
(9:47:34 PM) im crcbound: sorry in advance for not being a beautiful black woman
(9:48:23 PM) Pale Skin man: its okay
(9:48:24 PM) Pale Skin man: lol
(9:48:38 PM) im crcbound: story of my life really
(9:48:48 PM) Pale Skin man: awww tragic

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