Monday, February 4, 2008

Roll up ya bill and snort this


Epochal alternative rock-hip hop,lap dance inducing super group N.E.R.D. consisting of the Neptunes Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, along with Shay Haley have dropped a new track, the first follw-up since the 2004 release of "Fly or Die", called "Everybody Nose." I like "Everybody Nose" I think it's kinda hot, I'd pound cheeks to it, the drums are nice, and it has the signature N.E.R.D.-Pharrell making some strange sorta noise, (in this case it's a pro-longed "Attttt-chuuuuu") with a slowed down (drum-piano)instrumental breakdown.

According to The Fader "Everybody Nose" is similar to a panamanian reggaeton track by Demphra called "At chu (Estoy Cansada)." After hearing both tracks I admit there is a slight similarity, a mere influence if you will, of "At Chu" on "Everybody Nose." Alas, I refuse to believe that N.E.R.D. will deliver nothing close to panty moistening-track genius when "N.3.R.D." drops this spring, so until then I'll put my head in the ground and "In Search off...," "Fly or Die" mixed in with "Everybody Nose" on repeat.

Click here to listen to "At Chu (Estoy Cansada)"

N.E.R.D. edition of Blog Slaps:

N.E.R.D.-Everybody Nose

N.E.R.D.-The Way She Dances

N.E.R.D.-Am I High


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