Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore

Network is a brilliant film, not only does it feature powerful performances by epochal actors of the time such as Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, and Ned Beatty, actors with true uncut raw ability/talent, the antithesis of todays box office celebra-whores word to Jessica Alba, Keanu Reeves, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, everyone who appears in Disney channel movies, Jennifer Lopez etc., it is truly ahead of it's time, although Network was made in 1976, it's satirical look at the mass medias manipulation of the American public, capitalism, and the news on the public stage as a spectacle and form of entertainment, epitomizes the issues of today.

I want to take a year off school and memorize Peter Finch's turn off your television & mad as hell monologues and travel across the country on foot reciting it with passion on bustling street corners and open mic nights at universities and coffee shops in off the beaten path cities and towns, living off muffin bottoms and double lattes.


Lo said...

Greetings friend,

Just wanted to point out how incredibly incorrect it was to call Keanu Reeves a "celebra-whore" and to put him in the same sentence as some of the other people you have there (not all, but some).

This shows that you seems to have an alarming lack of knowledge on Keanu Reeves, which is understandable due to his utter lack of celebra-whoreness (and which you would understand if you did not lack the aforementioned knowledge).

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not going to argue with you on whatever your general opinion of Keanu Reeves may be. I don't care if you hate him or his acting or if he just pissed you off really badly at one point in time, or perhaps (as is often the case) made you lose a couple precious hours of your life sitting in a stuffy theater. Or because he just plain ain't epochal enough. This is your business and I respect it.

One thing you need to understand-- for your own good-- is that, before you make a believable statement, you need to have knowledge to back it up. Read up a bit on Keanu Reeves, and then get back to writing about him. Because as of right now, you are completely unqualified, and liable to receive a major smackdown from someone much more in the know on all things Reeves, provided decide to stop by this blog.

Thank you, good luck, and have a wonderful day.

samantha said...

I understand where you are coming from, but my comment was not made with any malice, it was intended to comment on his acting over anything else, perhaps I am wrong for putting him with the likes of the people I did. Yet if someone wants to deliver "a major smackdown," whether it be be verbal or physical, to me for merely placing an actor in a category they don't agree with then that person needs to get a life because frankly it's just really not that serious.

Dandoes said...

It is actually a known fact that Keanu Reeves took up several different classes in order to fix his one emotion face while acting. Whether it be saving a bus filled with people, or coaching a little league team, his face stays exactly the same.

Lo said...

Well, Samantha, how serious something is is relative. The tone of your posting sounded serious enough regarding your opinion about the, shall we say, state of the acting world today and the apparent dumbing down of culture. Or maybe you simply needed to vent?

Other people would find off-hand remarks about someone they don't know pretty serious, or a pretty good excuse to vent in a manner similar to yours-- like, I dunno, the state of the internet today where someone decides to write a self-righteous piece while not doing proper research.

But like I said, that was just a warning about what some may find objectionable, and thanks for 'understanding'.