Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out.

I now present to you a brief photo essay of some of the bliss I have partaken in this past week or so in tha hometown

tea time at temple:
located @ j & 10th in downtown macramento
strictly peppermint.ginger in the pm, helps settle me tummy

Rick's dessert diner:
location: my dreams every night, yet most often my pants
I want to bathe in Rick's butter cream frosting, it want to fill my every orifice and smother my skin with it's luxurious whipped texture and sweet taste, I want it in the baddest way, yet how is to oh so good?
"let them eat cake..." yet in a post french revolutionary world, I say unto in the words of Dean Koontz: "Where there's cake, there's hope. And there's always cake."


IMG_0450 sushi:
located @ ummm somewhere off of p&17th around freemont park
Happy hour 1/2 off rolls are dangerous to my hips, but then again they don;t lie, one look and the contents of this blog are all to evident

the crowning glory care of L&L Hawaiian Eatery
located on the corner of Florin & Greenhaven:
ohhhh my joy, like smoke rising from the fire, taking me higher


Ladies and gentlemen, the beautiful Paula Fuga *brings hands together in a cupping motion to clap*


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