Sunday, March 22, 2009

i used to be a stick-up and, so i think of all the devious things i did

The 87 Stickup Kids - Born to Role from Dia Creative on Vimeo.

mr. dj rockwell be the odie to my garfield and we can work it out on some mixes and propel my as of now unentertained, unthought of music career (it's just the sweater)

but really to mr. micah jamess

download the 87 stick up kids-born to role

no really, micah james, get up outtta my dreams and into the seat next to me on at the bus stop

is it just me is the beat of "born to role" reminiscent you of one of Arron laCrate's mixes ??? ...perhaps it's just the horns...
no, still just me? in that cases this throw back video slap is just for meee

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