Sunday, June 15, 2008

Slam dunk da funk

yesterday i drove down the streets i used to walk to get home from kennedy high school, its as if it were only yesterday i had just completed my sophomore year, as i ventured down the familiar streets i closed my eyes, i could still feel the unwaveringly harsh, yet intoxicating summer valley sun beating down my on body, with each passing minute walking home the tops of my feet broil until throughly cooked, leaving a tan outlining where my patent lather flats flats and my skin began.

i feel as if time is mocking me

every encounter with the song, the taste, the feeling, of beaten path i once walked along triggers a nauseating nostalgia within i yearn to extinguish

i can feel my forward momentum decay causing my legs to go out under me just as i approach the first check point of the race

if my desired state of mind were a campy 90s boy band song in quality of video, and overall caliber of success of said band i want it to be more bsb-everybody and a lot less 5ive-slam dunk da funk/lfo-summer girls (its a toss up both equally horrible)

...probally not the best metaphor taking off point but what a good opportunity to post lfo-summer girls & proclaim my childhood love (BSB for life!), but im sure you get the idea



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